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Mission :

To provide a place for people to step away from the busyness of life and be refreshed, renewed and restored in their relationship with the Lord. Our prayer is that all who come will be still, listen to His voice and find rest. 


To see people refreshed, renewed and restored in their relationship with Jesus.

The Story of Spacious Place

In March of 2020, Steve and Jennifer began traveling from their home in Wauchula, Florida to Okeechobee, Florida where their family owns property and runs a commercial beef cattle operation. They would spend several days a week there while Steve worked. Steve spent his days from sunrise to sunset working the cattle or tending the land.

Settled in the middle of their property is a 1950’s ranch style home with a unique character all its own. Once the pandemic hit, they spent quite a bit of time there. The days were long and quiet for Jennifer. Isolated from her family and friends, with no television and spotty internet, she began to fill her days with reading, watercolor art and anything she could to pass the time.


Jennifer enjoys people and family and does not need a lot of time alone with herself. Or so she thought. God brought her out into a place of quiet and gave her opportunity to be still and reflect inward. She began to listen. After weeks of sitting on the porch praying and reading her Bible, God began to work on her heart. Her relationship with Him was restored and made fresh and new.

One evening Steve came home from a day of mowing the pasture around their home. As they sat and talked that evening he shared with her a desire the Lord had placed on his heart to use the property for some type of ministry, possibly for ministers and their families. God had been placing the same call upon Jennifer’s heart. As they sat and talked that evening, Jennifer was excited to see what God was going to do.

A few days later, Jennifer reached out to several of their pastor friends. One of them encouraged her to start prayer walking the property. This is something she had never done before. April 29th, 2020, she began walking the inside perimeter of the fence around their home and started praying. She wasn’t sure what to expect or exactly what to pray. After several weeks of praying she sensed God telling her not to worry about how the house would be used, just to get it ready. The home is an older home and hadn’t been used much over the years. There were a lot of renovations, painting and cleaning that needed to be done. Over the months, as Jennifer has walked and prayed, she has experienced the Lord’s presence in a powerful way. As they have walked together, He has been so faithful. The Lord continues to provide for all the needs as they prepare for what is to come.

Jennifer is often overwhelmed at seeing God’s glory in such powerful ways. Over the past months, He has brought people alongside to serve and work to get the place ready. Women who are strangers have come to help.


Jennifer is grateful for the Lord’s constant provision and has been blessed as others have served her.  One of her favorite experiences is hearing everyone’s personal story.

April 29, 2021 exactly one year after prayer walking began, they hosted their first retreat! Their desire is for the Lord to use Spacious Place for His good and His glory....whatever that may be.

Click HERE to learn more about Jennifer & Steve Palmer, owners of Spacious Place

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